Payment methods

The company Epiplachania "By Xylinos Kosmos" in the effort to improve the convenience and experience of your customer offers flexible payment methods, both from our online store  and from our site.


Available payment methods


1. Deposit in a bank account: You can deposit the money of your order in any of the following accounts:

Piraeus Bank:

IBAN: GR38 0172 7580 0057 5806 5822 791

Loss: 5758 06 5822 791



National Bank:

IBAN: GR35 0110 4940 0000 4940 0359714 

Account: 494/ 003597 14



2. With your credit card


Credit card payment: We accept all credit cards. By placing your orders in our online store and completing your order, you will be transferred to the bank's site, where in a safe environment you can use your credit card.


 3. With Paypal