Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to www.epiplachania.com

Www.epiplachania.com is an online store created by the company under the name "Wooden World" based in Tsivara, Crete, in the province of Apokoronas, TIN 122967825, TK73003. Phone 28250 31253 is www.ep.com registered in the Register of Suppliers concluding "Contracts from a distance" in accordance with article 4 of L.2251 / 94 as amended and in force with registration no. 1121/13.

The display, presentation, sale, transfer, delivery and any return of products and in general all services of epiplachania.com are provided in accordance with these terms of use and the confidentiality policy of personal data, which is an integral part of these terms. The visitor must carefully read these terms. The use of epiplachania.com implies acceptance of the terms of use. In case of non-acceptance of any terms of use, the use of our online store is expressly prohibited. The company reserves the right to freely choose the products it markets and to withdraw them at any time and without prior notice. The same goes for prices that can change at any time without prior notice. Product prices include VAT 24%.

1. Terms.

The company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew these terms and conditions of transactions made through its online store, according to its needs and transactional ethics. Epiplachania.com undertakes to inform users about any modifications as well as any changes, through the website of this online store.

2. Limitation of responsibilities.

Epiplachania.com is not liable to customers for damages that may arise from the execution or non-execution of their order (except in the cases of paragraph 8. "Product Returns"). It is also reserved for the delivery time of goods in cases of force majeure (strikes, weather conditions, etc.). The store provides the content (eg information, names, photos, illustrations), products and services available through it website "just as they have". In no case shall we be liable for any claims of a legal or civil and / or criminal nature or for any damage (positive, special or derogatory, which is indicative and not restrictive, divisive and / or cumulative in loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) by visitors to the website or third parties for a reason related to the operation or not and / or use of the website and / or in the inability to provide services and / or information available from him and / or from any unauthorized par third party interventions in products and / or services and / or information available through it.

3. Personal data.

We have created this website with the sole purpose of serving our customers. During your visit to our online store, you may be asked to provide personal information that is necessary to process your orders. Epiplachania.com securely keeps your personal data for as long as you are registered with any of its services, which are deleted after any termination of the transaction. The personal data you provide to epiplachania.com is used exclusively by it, with in order to support, promote and execute the transaction. The data kept in the file may be notified to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and in accordance with the legislation in force at the time. The Customer has, within the framework of the legislation on confidentiality of telecommunications, the rights of information and objection provided for in articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997.

Epiplachania.com does not distribute to any other organization or partner any information concerning its users and customers. Epiplachania.com has the ability to use cookies as part of the convenience and operation of the services through its website. Cookies do not damage users' computers or files stored on them. You should keep in mind that cookies are absolutely necessary in order for the epiplachania.com website to work properly and seamlessly.

4. Security of transactions.

The security of transactions is ensured by the password you give when you become a member of epiplachania.com. In order to present any of your personal information, the username and password must first be given. For this reason, you need to keep this information well so that you do not risk falling into the hands of others. We also advise you to create a password using symbols along with alphanumeric characters as well as change your password at regular intervals.

For purchases with your credit card, you will be automatically transferred to the secure environment of the bank where you will enter your card details. Your credit card details do not reach epiplachania.com in any way and therefore no database is kept from credit card details. You must also be present upon receipt of your order with your credit card and ID. In this case (ie payment by credit card) it is not allowed to receive the order from a third party.

All transactions made through epiplachania.com are governed by International and European law, which regulates matters relating to e-commerce as well as the Consumer Protection Act (Law 2251/1994), which regulates matters relating to the distance sales.

5. Time-Shipping costs

The products are shipped within 4-5 working days with transport companies. The cost of transport in any case is borne by the consumer. There is a possibility of an exact budget for the cost of transportation to your place in any part of Greece and abroad after contacting epiplachania.com. 

When there is an indication NOT ADVERTISING it is unknown if and when it will be available again.

Shipping costs vary depending on the weight and volume of the order products.

6. Payment Methods

6. 1. Deposit in a bank account: You can deposit the money of your order in any of the following accounts:

Piraeus Bank:

IBAN: GR38 0172 7580 0057 5806 5822 791

Loss: 5758 06 5822 791


National Bank:

IBAN: GR35 0110 4940 0000 4940 0359714 

Account: 494/ 003597 14


6. 2. With your credit card

Credit card payment: We accept all credit cards. By placing your orders in our online store and completing your order, you will be transferred to the bank's site, where in a safe environment you can use your credit card.

6.3. With Paypal

7. Ability to cancel an order.

Orders are usually shipped the same day. It is possible to cancel your order before shipping the product. Cancellation is also possible by calling 0030  28250 31253.

8. Product returns and replacements.

You have the right to return the product you received within 2 calendar days from the day of receipt, in case of proven fault of epiplachania.com, the product sent to the customer does not correspond to the ordered product (mistake in receiving the order, in the pricing , in the shipment of product features, etc). The product must be in its original condition, not used and its packaging must be intact. In these cases, epiplachania.com undertakes the shipping costs for the return of the product to its headquarters as well as the shipping costs for the replacement of the product, provided that the returned products are returned by the customer to the store in the manner indicated by company. If the product is not returned within 2 calendar days, then epiplachania.com may not accept any return. The customer has the right to withdraw within 14 calendar days. In this case, the shipping costs are borne by him and the product must be in its original condition not to have been used and its packaging must be intact together with all the contents and documents (DAT, retail receipt, etc.) that accompanied it. In this case, epiplachania.com must return the money within 30 days.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

These terms of use, the use of epiplachania.com as well as transactions through it, are governed by Greek Law. In the event that any of these terms is considered invalid or void, such invalidity or invalidity shall not affect the validity of the other terms. The Courts of Chania, Crete, are responsible for resolving any dispute arising from the use of the online store or regarding the interpretation or application of these terms of use or on the occasion thereof.